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Everyone’s Day Should Be Fun!

We want your visit to Outback Splash to be a fun-filled day you’ll never forget. That is why we do all we can to ensure your day is not only memorable, but is as safe and accessible as possible. Guests with pre-existing medical conditions, injuries or disabilities are recommended to speak with our Guest Services for information prior to purchasing admission on 08 9571 1375 or


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there accessible parking?2019-05-09T06:36:59+00:00

Reserved parking is available in the first row of the car park for Guests whose vehicles display a Disability Parking Permit. These spaces are clearly marked with the International Disabilities Symbol.

Guests with disabilities, medical conditions and injuries2019-08-13T02:43:16+00:00

Guests with Companion Card are entitled to 1 free of charge admission for their companion. Guests who produce a Carer’s Card (or similar) will be entitled to a discounted admission. Guests with any special needs should visit Guest Services on arrival and our friendly Team will provide assistance planning their day.

What first aid facilities are available?2019-08-13T02:43:48+00:00

Outback Splash has a fully equipped First Aid room onsite located at the Splash Island Amenities Building. Each and every one of our Team members including our First Aid Officers and Ride Attendants receives specialised training and hold the relevant formal qualifications as a minimum standard.

What restrooms are available?2019-08-13T02:45:33+00:00

Accessible restrooms, change-rooms and showers are located at the ablutions building adjacent to the Splash Island waterslide playground. Additional restrooms are available at the Burger Bar and near the wombat enclosure.

Do you provide accessible locker hire?2019-08-13T02:46:39+00:00

Locker hire is available from our admissions office. The lockers are allocated randomly, so if you require an accessible locker please see our Team and they will be happy to arrange this for you.

Are assistance animals permitted entry to the park?2019-08-13T02:48:16+00:00

Guide, hearing and assistance animals are welcome in the park. However, we cannot permit them on, or in, any of our attractions and they must wear their working vest identifying their role at all times. We recommended speaking with Guest Services for clarity prior to purchasing admission.

Guests with casts and strapped limbs2019-08-13T02:49:11+00:00

As we have a duty of care to our Guests, we do not allow any Guest with a visible injury, such as a hard cast, to ride any of the water slides. Guests with such injuries are permitted to utilise the Octopus Bay kids splash zone. As situations vary, our Guest Services Team can assist Guests to best plan their day and determine which attractions can be undertaken safely.

Guests with an amputation or prosthesis2019-08-13T02:51:22+00:00

For safety reasons and in line with manufacturer restrictions, Guests with an amputated limb or prosthesis may be unable to use some of our attractions. As situations vary, our Guest Services Team are happy to assist Guests plan their day and determine which attractions can be undertaken safely. We recommended speaking with our Team prior to purchasing admission.

Guests with epilepsy and motion sickness2019-08-13T02:53:11+00:00

Some of our attractions are not recommended for Guests with Epilepsy, motion sickness or those who experience seizures. Two of our waterslides, The Wall and Blackout, feature coloured light effects and are not recommended to Guests who suffer from any of the above conditions. We recommended speaking with our Team prior to purchasing admission.

Is eye wear permitted on the water attractions?2019-08-13T03:00:02+00:00

In accordance with Australian Standard 3533.2 (2009) and manufacturer restrictions, for the safety of all Guests eye wear is not permitted on any of our water attractions, excluding the Octopus Bay kids splash zone. To best assist Guests who require prescription eye-wear and in consultation with our Safety partners, prescription goggles may be permitted depending on their suitability.