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Everyone’s Day Should Be Fun!

We want your visit to Outback Splash to be a fun-filled day you’ll never forget. That is why we do all we can to ensure your day is not only memorable, but is as safe and accessible as possible. Guests with pre-existing medical conditions, injuries or disabilities are recommended to speak with our Guest Services for information prior to purchasing admission on 08 9571 1375 or

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any weight and height requirements for the slides?2024-06-17T08:11:30+00:00

Yes. All of our water attractions are subject to rules of use stipulated by the manufacturer and Guests are encouraged to view these rules before their visit. Check out the water attractions page for ‘slide specific’ information.

Guests must be at least 120cm tall to use the all 4 of the water slides on slide Tower 1, and weight restrictions are also enforced by the manufacturer, including maximum and minimum requirements. Guests using the raft slides, The Wall and Blackout, will be weighed prior to using the attraction, we implore Guests to view these restrictions prior or at the time of your visit. Check out the water attractions page for ‘slide specific’ information.

Are the pools heated?2024-06-24T06:59:39+00:00

We strive to ensure our pools provide a comfortable experience. While The Lagoon pool is designed with heating capabilities, heating the main pool is not feasible at this time. In Summer 2023/24, our aquatics team diligently monitored the pool temperature, and from late December to early February, the pool naturally maintained a temperature at or above 27°C.

Additionally, we have installed a heater for the Octopus Bay toddler pool, which will be operational for trialing in the upcoming season.

How deep is The Lagoon pool?2023-10-20T03:30:41+00:00

The Lagoon pool is thoughtfully designed to cater to swimmers of all abilities, including a beach entry area, perfect for children, which gradually deepens to 900mm. The main body of the pool, excellent for swimming or just relaxing, ranges from 1.2-1.3m, making it an ideal depth for avid Marco Polo players and also for those who might not be strong swimmers.

Note, to access the deeper section of the pool, Guests must pass through a traditional pool gate. This gate is in place as an added safety measure, Guests are expected to follow Watch Around Water rules and should not access this deeper area without the supervision of a parent or guardian.

Why can’t I use Afterpay anymore?2024-06-17T08:10:22+00:00

Unfortunately, due to updates to our online experience in 2023, Afterpay and American Express are no longer compatible payment options. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Is The Lagoon pool under Lifeguard supervision?2024-06-17T08:17:54+00:00

Yes, we’ve partnered with National Aquatic Safety Services (NAQUATICSS) to ensure our Team are provided with the highest standards of aquatic safety and training. You won’t be able to miss our Lifeguards, they stand atop a 3m high tower platform… So no running!

Guests with casts and strapped limbs – what should I know?2024-06-24T08:10:26+00:00

We are committed to ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all our guests. Due to our duty of care, guests with visible injuries such as hard casts are not permitted on any of the water slides. This policy helps prevent further injury both to the guest and others.

However, guests with casts and strapped limbs are welcome to enjoy the Octopus Bay kids splash zone and The Lagoon swimming pool, which are suited for gentler activities. As each situation can vary, we encourage you to consult with our Guest Services Team upon arrival. They are available to help you plan your day effectively and safely, advising on which attractions are suitable based on your specific needs.

Guests with an amputation or prosthesis – what should I know?2024-06-24T07:40:58+00:00

Our goal is to ensure all guests can safely enjoy their visit. However, due to safety considerations and manufacturer restrictions, guests with an amputation or who use a prosthesis may face limitations on certain attractions. Each case is unique, and safety is our utmost priority.

Our Guest Services Team is equipped to help you plan your visit effectively. We recommend speaking with them before purchasing admission to identify which attractions are accessible and safe for you. Factors such as the size, weight, and material of prosthetics, as well as their water absorption and potential electronic components, will be considered to ensure your safety and the safety of others around you.

For a tailored experience that maximizes your enjoyment while ensuring safety, please consult with our Guest Services Team upon arrival. We appreciate your understanding and are here to support you in navigating our park.

Is eye wear permitted on the water attractions?2023-08-04T07:52:13+00:00

In accordance with Australian Standard 3533.2 (2009) and manufacturer restrictions, for the safety of all Guests eye wear is not permitted on any of our water attractions, excluding the Octopus Bay kids splash zone and the Lagoon swimming pool. To best assist Guests who require prescription eye-wear and in consultation with our Safety partners, prescription goggles may be permitted depending on their suitability.

Guests with epilepsy and motion sickness – what should I know?2024-06-24T07:37:07+00:00

We want all our guests to have a safe and enjoyable experience. However, please note that some attractions may pose risks for guests with epilepsy, motion sickness, or seizure disorders. Specifically, our waterslides ‘The Wall’ and ‘Blackout’ feature intense coloured light effects and rapid movements that may not be suitable for guests susceptible to these conditions.

We highly recommend consulting with our Guest Services team upon arrival before purchasing admission tickets. They can provide detailed information about which attractions are best suited to your needs and discuss alternative options that ensure a fun visit tailored to your safety.

Is there accessible parking?2023-08-23T05:54:14+00:00

Reserved parking is available in the first row of the car park for Guests whose vehicles display a Disability Parking Permit. These spaces are clearly marked with the International Disabilities Symbol.

Guests with disabilities, medical conditions and injuries – what should I know?2024-06-24T07:35:43+00:00

If you or someone in your party has special needs due to a disability, medical condition, or injury, our Guest Services team is here to ensure your visit is both comfortable and enjoyable. Upon arrival, please visit Guest Services to discuss personalized accommodations. We can provide a ‘Rainbow Wristband’ which helps our staff recognize and better support guests who may require additional assistance during their visit.

For those participating in the Companion Card program, we offer free admission for companions. Guests with a Carer’s Card (or similar) are eligible for a discounted concession admission. Children under the age of 4 are admitted free of charge. If a complimentary companion ticket is needed for children under 4 who require assistance, regular admission fees will apply for the companion.

What first aid facilities are available?2023-08-23T05:55:38+00:00

Outback Splash has a fully equipped First Aid rooms onsite located at the Splash Island and Lagoon Amenities Buildings. Each and every one of our Team members including our First Aid Officers and Ride Attendants receives specialised training and hold the relevant formal qualifications as a minimum standard.

Do you provide accessible locker hire?2023-08-23T05:55:31+00:00

Locker hire is available, at heights sensitive to all levels of access, and each station has a number of language settings for ease of use. If you need additional assistance, our Team will be happy to help.

Are assistance animals permitted entry to the park?2024-06-24T06:58:05+00:00

Yes, guide, hearing, and assistance animals are welcome in our park. To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our guests, these animals must wear their working vest at all times to identify their role. Additionally, as per the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries’ regulations under the Dog Act 1976, all assistance animals must be accompanied by a valid accreditation card. This card serves as proof that the animal is officially accredited to assist persons with disabilities. Please have this card available to show to our staff, and we recommend checking in with Guest Services for any further clarification before purchasing admission.

Why did you remove the toddler slide from Splash Island?2023-09-04T06:54:16+00:00

The safety of our Guests is more than just a statement for us; it’s a commitment we actively uphold each season. The toddler slide, beloved by our younger guests since 2013, was designed with their enjoyment in mind. When the slide was first introduced, the manufacturer made it clear that due to the short run-out length, it wasn’t intended for adults. We understand that parents, wanting to share in their child’s joy, would sometimes use the slide. To address this, following consultation with the manufacturer we implemented a height restriction and, despite our Team’s vigilant efforts, found it challenging to enforce this rule consistently. To ensure the safety of all our visitors and to reduce risk, we made the difficult decision to remove the slide.

Why is admission so expensive?2024-06-17T08:32:10+00:00

We understand that the cost of admission can be a concern for our guests. Our pricing reflects the high-quality experience we offer, including state-of-the-art facilities, ongoing maintenance, and various amenities. However, we are committed to providing value for money and have several options to help make your visit more affordable.

Firstly, for guests planning to visit at least twice in a season, we recommend considering our Season Pass, which offers the best possible value. We also run an early bird sale from mid-August until late September, offering an additional 10% off memberships.

We are sensitive to financial pressures, such as the high cost of living and inflation. To help, we offer discounted tickets through partnerships with RAC and HBF for their members via NeatIdeas. We are also partnered with the Entertainment Book and Let’s Go Kids magazine, which advertise 25% off for up to four people. Additionally, we hold an annual Black Friday sale with significant discounts on tickets and offer very competitive group rates for large bookings.

Our goal is to provide a memorable and enjoyable experience that offers excellent value for the length of stay. It’s important to note that the perception of expense is contextual. When compared to other entertainment options in Perth, Western Australia, a full day at Perth’s Outback Splash is price comparable to a couple of hours of ice skating, or seeing a film in a nice cinema, and is noticeably more affordable than other similar parks.

What should I know in advance if I’m visiting with a child with autism or other additional needs?2024-06-24T07:29:43+00:00

We’re dedicated to ensuring a welcoming experience for all our guests. Before your visit, explore our Accessibility Guide – it includes detailed information on our attractions, facilities and level of access.

Upon arrival, ask for a ‘Rainbow Wristband’ at Guest Services. This wristband signals to our team that your child may need extra support and understanding during your visit.

For children who are non-verbal or have specific safety needs, we recommend staying close to them, especially in areas near water where our general safety rules apply. Additionally, our park has zones where loud music or noises are prevalent. If your child is sensitive to loud sounds, consider bringing noise-canceling headphones or earplugs to enhance their comfort.

Our Guest Services team is available to assist with any questions or special accommodations you might need. We strive to make your visit as enjoyable and safe as possible and look forward to welcoming you.

When did the Koalas move, and why?2024-07-01T08:54:07+00:00

In early 2023, our team bid a fond farewell to our beloved Koala family. For nearly four decades, these cherished Koalas captured the hearts of visitors from around the world. Through our partnership with the Australian Koala Foundation and the generosity of our guests, we’ve made significant contributions to koala conservation and habitat management.
Our Koalas have moved to their new home at Cohunu Koala Park, where a dedicated team is committed to ensuring their well-being and contributing to the future of their species. This positive step forward for our Koala family aligns with our ongoing commitment to wildlife care and conservation.
Thorough due diligence was carried out ahead of their relocation, overseen by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions. The Australian Koala Foundation intends to work closely with Cohunu Koala Park to continue supporting koala conservation efforts.

Why are you no longer partnered with Gage Roads?2024-07-01T08:54:40+00:00

While you can still spot a few brilliant Gage Roads brews in our fridge, we are no longer partnered with this iconic Western Australian brewery. As the Good Drinks brand continues to expand, their ability to support locally owned and operated small businesses has been impacted.
Heading into Summer 24/25, we’re excited to partner with Pirate Life and Balter, both of which bring a distinct flair and dedication to craft beer that resonates with our values. Pirate Life, with its roots in Perth and a commendable journey in Adelaide, brings home innovative brewing practices and exclusive beers that reflect our local spirit. Their venue in Perth’s CBD is a testament to their commitment to quality and community engagement. Balter, known for its ethos of community, perfectly complements our atmosphere. Their approach to brewing not only focuses on exceptional taste but also on creating moments that bring people together.

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